The Idea Accelerator

Here are some of the companies that we have helped launch and grow from concept ideas, all the way to VC-funded businesses.


  • SimpleHelix - An e-commerce Magento hosting platform (Private Equity)
  • Sqrap - A WYSIWYG builder for websites (Google)

  • Seed stage

  • Markett - Make money marketing for hot startups ($4MM)
  • Bambee - Hire an HR specialist for $99/month ($5.5MM)

  • MVP stage

  • - Chat with thousands of users about #whatever

  • Concept stage

  • Stiqr - No code - just stick it, widgets on the cloud
  • Shalendar - An online calendar for recording your life events
  • Furiken - A framework to replace Wordpress and make developers happier
  • Deadpool - A place to buy and sell websites
  • StickyAds - Sticky Ads that you can place on your website so others can buy ad space from you
  • Hakberry - Code development and deployment CLI tool using Docker
  • E-papers - Legalzoom for digital forms
  • Welaunched - Calendar for startup launches
  • - An app that discovers and reviews the best place to work remotely
  • Filepicky - Filepicker on IPFS
  • Influense - Influencer community site
  • Saveage - Budgeting app with savings account and cards to use

  • Open source

  • Jasis - A Ruby-based starter framework for building MVPs quickly
  • Sell Commerce - An e-commerce framework to rival WooCommerce and Magento